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Whidbey Island is approximately 55 miles (89 km) long (from the extreme north to extreme south, and 1.5 to 12 miles (2.4 to 19.3 km) wide, with 168.67 square miles (436.9 km2),[3] making it the 40th largest island in the United States

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No Jets - No Jobs - No Defense

As a retired naval flight officer I have noted that the State of WA has sued the navy over the use of its base to defend the freedom of nation from attack by its enemies. My question is to those among these complainers to the noise jet engines make over their homes. 
Which ones of you will take up arms to defend our nation from attack. With the world full of nations like China, Russia, Iran and North Korea how can we in good conscience stand by and watch the needed exercise and buildup needed by our navy and Dept of Defense to secure our freedoms and our safety. We have closed bases all over the United States making it much harder to host and position our forces to defend and protect us the citizens.
Is our need to help quiet surrounding to override the need of our security.
In WW II we got lucky and Great Britain stood up to Germany while we built up our forces. 
Now we have no luxury to not back our armed forces even if causes us some discomfort, it costs our defenders their lives. I am ashamed of the selfish views and their selfish me first views.
Our countries founders would have loved having a strong defense to defend them.
Be grateful that you still have the right to sue only because of the very people you intend on crippling from doing their jobs.
Naval forces need to be stationed close to and beyond our borders, these planes protect us from the subs of Russia and the carriers of China. 
Stop aiding our enemies, we are not socialists and we need to resist even if it means at times the losing of peaceful quiet and self centered living styles.
God bless America, one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all, which means we at times need to sacrifice for the common good of all to protect one of few true democratic  nations of the world.
God bless our nation.
Stand and salute our flag and stop using it for your own political goals.


Emergency Food Available 

Bon Air – Ledgewood Beach

Bulk Food

What you buy is the exact cost charged.

We are Non-Profit and members of Costco Business Center.

Eggs, Milk, Bread, Meat, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels Etc.

Bulk Buying – talk to your neighbors and spilt your orders.

Email: – Subject: Need Food

If you or anyone you know needs food

we give away Free Food to our neighbors in need of help.

Click Here for more information on what we can try to provide.

Hope For The Future In Helping Others

We love and support our Mayor Robert Severns for representing Oak Harbor, Washington in it’s time of need. He is fighting for our military and our country. War hurts everyone but without defences it hurts even more. Put your ear plugs in for noise cancelling folks or move somewhere else. It’s that simple. 

U.S. Navy EA-18G Growlers


NAS Whidbey Island Directory
            3730 North Charles Porter Ave,                   Oak Harbor, WA 98278