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Enjoy Splender and Majesty of Whidbey Island
Mount Baker (Lummi: Qwú’mə Kwəlshéːn; Nooksack: Kw’eq Smaenit or Kwelshán), also known as Koma Kulshan or simply Kulshan, is an active glaciated andesitic stratovolcano. This site is full of resources and information. Everything about Whidbey Island is right here.
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About Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island is approximately 55 miles (89 km) long (from the extreme north to extreme south, and 1.5 to 12 miles (2.4 to 19.3 km) wide, with 168.67 square miles (436.9 km2),[3] making it the 40th largest island in the United States.

Washington State Ferries

WSF is the primary link to several historic and picturesque destinations. Here are just a few good ideas.

Sailing Classes

No experience is required, and new sailors begin with the Basic Sailing class.  In one weekend, you'll learn the fundamentals and gain enough on-the-water experience to confidently day sail 20-23' sailboats on your own.    
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